Gov. Jerry Brown has surgery to remove cancerous growth on his nose


Gov. Jerry Brown had a cancerous growth removed from the right side of his nose in an outpatient procedure Friday in Oakland, according to a statement released Saturday by the governor’s office.

After the procedure to remove basal carcinoma cells, and some reconstructive surgery, Brown was released to return home. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer, and can be caused by sun exposure.

The statement released by Brown’s office said the procedure was conducted under a local anesthetic. While Brown continues to work on gubernatorial duties, the statement said, he will not appear in public until his stitches are removed. An aide said that could come as early as Friday.


That decision forced the cancellation of Brown’s planned Sunday speech to the state Democratic Party convention in Sacramento. Party officials said the program would otherwise continue as planned.

On April 21, Brown was spotted with a small bandage on his nose at a budget town hall meeting in Santa Clarita. His wife, Anne Gust Brown, told reporters that he “got a little thing taken off” for testing but that it was not cancer.