Unreported money

Fund and unreported amount (in millions)

Fiscal Recovery Fund: $679.6

Beverage Container Recycling Fund: 112.9

Employment Development Contingent Fund: 44.5

Energy Resources Surcharge Fund: 35.4


Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund: 33.5

Children’s Health and Human Services Special Fund: 30.1

Restitution Fund: 28.8

Parks and Recreation Fund, State: 20.4

Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund: 12.5

Corrections Training Fund: 6.4

Collins-Dugan California Conservation Corps Reimbursement: 4.7

Dentally Underserved Account: 4.6

State School Fund: 4.6

Energy Conservation Assistance: 4.5

Driver Training Penalty Assessment Fund: 4.0

PET Processing Fee Account: 3.5

Habitat Conservation Fund: 3.4

Educational Telecommunication Fund: 3.2

Fish and Game Preservation Fund: 3.2

State Corporations Fund: 3.0

Water Rights Fund: 1.7

State Dental Hygiene Fund: 1.2

Public Interest Research, Development and Demonstration Fund: 0.94

Deficit Recovery Bond Retirement Sinking Fund 0.93

Sources: California controller’s office, state agency reports, Times reporting