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Rick Caruso to be allowed to moor mega-yacht in Newport Beach

Billionaire developer Rick Caruso will be allowed to moor his 216-foot mega-yacht in Newport Beach after obtaining a special permit from the city.

In mid-August, to the chagrin of several citizens, the Newport Beach Harbor Commission voted to allow two large yachts — including Caruso's — to moor for a set period of time near the west end of Lido Isle.

Neighbors voiced concerns over potential noise and safety problems, in addition to citing a lack of transparency in the decision-making process. The Newport Beach City Council refused to reconsider.

A two-week appeal window ended last Wednesday, the Daily Pilot reported. In the permit issued Friday, the city granted Caruso permission to moor his yacht, the Invictus, for 16 total days over a period of two months, Harbor Resources Manager Chris Miller said.

The yacht will be moored on one end and anchored on another, to prevent swinging. Passengers are required to keep lighting to a minimum at night. No live entertainment or exterior loud music will be permitted on deck.

The owner of a second boat, the nearly 130-foot Marama, wants to anchor in the harbor for five days to host a private wedding. The boat's owner wasn't identified.

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