Douglas Burrows
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John Burrows

Douglas Burrows
Freelance photographer Douglas Burrows died in 1993 when his car was broadsided in downtown Los Angeles. (Burrows Family)
Father Holds Burnt Camera
John Burrows holds one of his son’s cameras, which melted in the fiery crash that killed him. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Burnt Press Credentials
Burrows’ scorched press credentials. Some of his most notable work appeared in the L.A. Times and Newsweek. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Mom Thanks LAPD
Barbara Burrows smiles with LAPD Officer Joe Bahena after a news conference announcing the arrest and extradition of Rogelio Pereira to stand trial for the hit-and-run death of her son. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Wanted Poster
Rogelio Pereira, the alleged driver of the truck, was arrested in Mexico on June 12. ()
Father Shows Photos
John Burrows holds two of his son’s photographs. The one at left was taken in Iraq in 1991. ()
John Burrows
John Burrows with photos of an L.A. gang taken by his son. (Mel Melcon / LAT)