LAPD takes steps to prevent violence after final World Series game

Unruly Lakers fans damage a police car in front of Staples Center after the Lakers won the NBA championship in 2009.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles, they say, loves a winner.

Maybe a bit too much. Big sports victories have sometimes been followed by celebrations that turned into violence. When the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA World Championship in 2010, crowds spilled onto the streets of downtown L.A., looting businesses, attacking bystanders and setting fires. Dozens were arrested, and a moment of civic pride was tarnished.

Lakers victories in 2009 and 2000 also sparked unrest.

The Los Angeles Police Department doesn’t want to jinx the Dodgers’ chances in Game 7 Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium. But Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said his department is prepared for any eventuality.


“We have officers citywide monitoring potential problem locations … and we will put officers where they are most needed,” the chief said, noting that the police presence has been stepped up all week. Beck said there will be “lots of uniform and plainclothes officers working these locations tonight.”

Beck said the department doesn’t expect trouble — regardless of how the game goes.

The LAPD had already planned massive security for Game 7 of the World Series. The World Series is considered a “national security event” for which local, state and national law enforcement coordinate their efforts.


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