Magnitude 3.3 quake is felt in Sonoma and Napa counties


A magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit about four miles southwest of Calistoga and was felt in Sonoma and Napa counties.

More than 500 people reported feeling the shaking, which hit at 10:17 p.m. Wednesday, and reported it to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Did You Feel It? crowdsourcing website. Light shaking, or intensity level 4 shaking on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale, was felt in the Calistoga area.

Santa Rosa, Napa and Sonoma, cities a bit farther from the epicenter, felt weak shaking, or intensity level 3 shaking, according to the USGS crowdsourcing website.


Magnitude 3 earthquakes are fairly common in California. There have been 28 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater in the California and Nevada areas in the last 30 days.

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