Share your photos of the Woolsey, Camp, Hill fires

Woolsey fire

Horses are tied to a pole on the beach in Malibu as the Woolsey fire approaches.

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The Woolsey, Hill and Camp fires are causing mass devastation in California, burning nearly 200,000 acres and killing 25 people.

Much of California is aware of the fires, not only because of their size and terror, but because winds have spread smoke from each fire a considerable distance. The air is hazy, the sun is red and people miles away can smell the smoke.

The destruction is also giving way to some striking imagery. Some have shared photos of the fires, others have passed along images of clouds of smoke unfurling across Los Angeles. If you've taken a photo of a fire that you'd like to share, we'd like to see it.

If you're evacuated because of the fires, here's what experts say you should take with you.

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