Deputies seize guns and white supremacist material in Littlerock

Deputies arrested three men in the Antelope Valley and discovered an underground bunker, a shooting range, firearms and white supremacist paraphernalia on the property, law enforcement officials said Tuesday night.

The weapons, some of them allegedly stolen, included six pistols and 11 rifles, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Detectives also recovered hundreds of rounds of ammunition and dozens of magazines, some of which were made to hold high-powered bullets. The shooting range was in an outbuilding behind a home on the property in the 10000 block of East Avenue S-4 in Littlerock, Sheriff’s Department officials said.

The case began three weeks ago after a storage unit was burglarized in Palmdale and four guns were stolen, according to officials. Detectives developed leads that led to a search warrant served Tuesday morning at the Littlerock location.

The three men arrested were identified by the department as Todd Hunt, 54, Royce Gresham, 33, and Larry Finnell, 62, all of Littlerock.


The men were charged with weapons violations and are expected to be arraigned Thursday at the Antelope Valley courthouse.

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