Renegade motorists block San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to burn rubber ‘doughnuts’

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Traffic approaching San Francisco's Bay Bridge was backed up for miles Sunday afternoon when a group of renegade motorists in souped-up cars blocked off all the eastbound lanes and spun their tires and burned rubber "doughnuts" on the structure's deck.

About 50 cars were involved in the sideshow, which occurred just outside the Bay Bridge's Yerba Buena Tunnel, according to authorities and the San Francisco Chronicle. An Instagram account called "Bay Area Movement" posted a video of the spectacle featuring a black car driving in circles as its tires squeal.

It's unclear whether Sunday's unlawful doughnut-burning display in San Francisco was an attempt to one-up another such demonstration in Los Angeles recently.

Last week, a former U.S. Marine tactical vehicle operator and suspected getaway driver mesmerized TV viewers with a wild drive through Los Angeles that included pulling doughnuts in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard.

Herschel Reynolds, 20, was arrested after a roughly two-hour chase on April 7 that included a close call with a TMZ tour bus and ended with a hero’s welcome in a South L.A. neighborhood.

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Along with a 19-year-old passenger, Isaiah Young, Reynolds peacefully surrendered to sheriff’s deputies, who arrived minutes after he parked the rented Ford Mustang.

Both were charged Monday with four felonies, including residential burglary. 

No arrests have been made in the San Francisco case. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the stunt and has obtained license plate information, according to the Chronicle.

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