Hannah Anderson: Teen may be fielding online questions about ordeal

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Someone claiming to be 16-year-old Hannah Anderson has answered hundreds of questions on the social media site about everything from the six-day kidnapping ordeal to her favorite song and color.

Officials from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and FBI declined to confirm that the teen is behind the unusually candid question-and-answer posts. However, both agencies said they are aware of them and in contact with the Anderson family. Neither of the agencies or have removed the postings, which is common on social media when something is determined to be fraudulent.

[Updated at 8:45 a.m. Aug. 14: The account was disabled sometime after 8:30 a.m., but it was not immediately clear who did so or why.]


Family members have not commented on the Internet postings.

Dawn MacNabb, whose son described himself as one of Hannah’s closest friends, told the Associated Press that Hannah is behind the online postings. MacNabb said Alan spoke on the phone with Hannah on Tuesday and urged her to delete some of the postings.

“He said she was going to, but I don’t know if she will,” she said.

Most of the commenters have offered support for the person claiming to be Hannah Anderson, who authorities said was kidnapped by James Lee DiMaggio. DiMaggio is also suspected of killing Hannah’s mother and brother and setting his home on fire in the rural eastern San Diego County community of Boulevard. He was shot and killed by FBI agents Saturday in the Idaho wilderness, and Hannah was rescued.

One person posted on the site: “You don’t know me and I’m not sure I should say this because I want you to heal. I never stopped thinking about you this past week. The sheriffs did everything they could and I personally thank them for finding them.”

Questions apparently posted by reporters were rebuffed. “Please leave me alone,” responded the person claiming to be Hannah.

The person told of being scared all the time, rarely sleeping and constantly praying to be rescued. Of DiMaggio, the person claiming to Hannah was succinct: “I hope he burns in hell.”

In response to a question about what Hannah would say to her brother and mom, the person replied: “That I’m sorry it ended like that. I wish I could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs. I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them.”

The person also explained why she didn’t alert the horseback riders who encountered DiMaggio and Hannah in the Idaho wilderness: “I had to act calm I didn’t want them to get hurt. I was scared that he would kill them.”

The online poster said she plans to see a therapist and is very upset about the death of her dog.


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