Family tried to get Jackson to stop taking drugs, detective says


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Michael Jackson’s family tried over and over to talk with the pop singer about his drug abuse and attempted one intervention at his Neverland retreat, a Los Angeles police detective who interviewed Michael Jackson’s mother testified Thursday.

Det. Orlando Martinez said that when he interviewed Katherine Jackson on Dec. 9, 2009 — months after Jackson’s death — she told him she had never met nor known about Dr. Conrad Murray until her son died. Murray, who gave the singer a lethal dose of propofol, is now serving a jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter.


The detective, under questioning from the attorney representing the Jackson family in a wrongful death case against concert promoter AEG, also verified that he wrote the following summary about that discussion:

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“Mrs. Jackson stated that she last spoke with Michael at his residence on Carolwood approximately one and a half weeks prior to his death. When asked if Mrs. Jackson had ever met Dr. Murray she stated that she had not and didn’t even know who he was until after Michael’s death.

“Mrs. Jackson was asked if she or any other family members ever attempted to do an intervention with Michael as it relates to painkillers or any other drugs. She stated that there had been one attempted intervention at Neverland on behalf of Janet, however Michael didn’t want to participate.

“Mrs. Jackson stated that she had been informed Michael had been taking drugs, however she had no idea which drugs, and she had never seen Michael take any drugs. Mrs. Jackson stated that the family attempted several times to help Michael however he would have nothing to do with it. She further stated that she had asked Michael if he was taking any drugs and Michael denied it.

“When asked if Michael had any chronic medical conditions that she was aware of, Mrs. Jackson stated that he had problems sleeping and that his back frequently bothered him. She stated she thought the back pain was a result of falling off of a stage during a performance.”

Katherine Jackson has been present at the trial since it began Monday, stepping out of the courtroom only when a paramedic described finding the singer on his bed.

Jackson’s mother and the singer’s three children are accusing the entertainment company of pushing the singer beyond his physical abilities and of negligently hiring and controlling Murray, who gave Jackson a fatal dose of propofol.

On Thursday, defense attorneys objected to Katherine Jackson being accompanied by her daughter Rebbie, who, like many of her siblings, is on the witness list.

Judge Yvette Palazuelos overruled the objection. “I think Mrs. Jackson should have at least one support person in the courtroom,” the judge said.

For the record, 4:15 p.m., May 2: An earlier version of this post said that Katherine Jackson and her three children sued AEG. Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s three children sued AEG.


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