Watch L.A. dog Jiff, the Guinness-record fastest dog on two paws

Jiff earns his place in the Guinness 2015 book for moving fast on two paws.

Jiff the Pomeranian has joined the Guinness World Records book for his speed on two paws. The Los Angeles dog can cover 10 meters (32.8 feet) on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds. Walking on his front paws, he can zip over 5 meters (16.4 feet) in 7.76 seconds.

The folks at Guinness shared the video above to celebrate Jiff and its new book, set for release Sept. 10.

This is a frequently wacky undertaking. Jiff’s accomplishment may seem downright pedestrian compared with some of the other records set by animals. (Dog with the longest tongue? Puggy the Pekingese with a startling 4.5-inch tongue. Cat with the longest fur? Colonel Meow with 9 inches of amazing fuzz. Most steps walked down by a dog facing forward while balancing a glass of water on its head? That’s Sweet Pea, an Australian shepherd and border collie mix who took 10 steps without spilling.)


The Los Angeles Times reached out to Jiff’s owners, but they declined to be interviewed. Their publicist, Christine Holder, said they prefer to keep the spotlight on Jiff. So far, it seems to be working.

He and his owners relocated from Illinois to Los Angeles to pursue growing opportunities for the pooch, who can shake hands, close doors, bow, skateboard, cover his eyes and stamp his own autograph, according to Guinness.

Jiff is popular on social media, with 232,000 Instagram followers and more than 500,000 views on YouTube. He’s appeared in ads, as well as in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” video. Watch him do what he does best in the Perry video above, at the 2:56 mark.

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