Metro locks more Blue Line station gates to fight fare evaders

A file photo shows the Blue Line's Willowbrook station.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Metro Blue Line riders will encounter more locked gates Thursday as the transit agency continues to clamp down on fare skippers. The stations with newly latched gates include Slauson, Firestone, Compton, Artesia and Del Amo.

In its efforts to eventually make all of those riding Metro trains actually pay their fare, transportation officials this week announced the next step in latching gates at stations around the transit system.

When officials latch the gates, it means passengers need to use a TAP card with the correct fare to pass through turnstiles.


Next Wednesday, officials plan to start locking the gates at 14 stations on the Green Line.

Latching gates at Union Station on the Red and Purple lines started June 19 and was completed in August. Five Gold Line stations were latched in October, according to a post on Metro’s blog, the Source.

When completed, 41 of 80 Metro rail stations will be latched to “provide fuller integration in the TAP universal fare system,” the post says.

Even while officials move along with their plan to keep latching gates, there are many stations too small to gate. At those stations, the honor system will still be in place.


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