Zimmerman verdict: Protests in Oakland turn violent

Oakland police declared an unlawful demonstration late Monday after protesters denouncing the George Zimmerman verdict vandalized a Men’s Wearhouse store and set fires in garbage cans in the downtown area, according to local media.

According to tweets from the Oakland Tribune and KCBS radio reporters on the scene, violence was spreading throughout the downtown area.

Tribune reporters posted video showing police declaring an unlawful assembly after fireworks were thrown at them.

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Marchers heading on grand toward Telegraph, OPD again has declared unlawful assembly, police picking up pace with sticks drawn— Josh Richman (@Josh_Richman) July 16, 2013


Another Oakland Tribune reporter described fireworks being thrown at police, windows shattering and windows at the office of Youth Radio on the verge of shattering.

Flora restaurant employee bleeding from head needs help— Matt O’Brien (@mattoyeah) July 16, 2013

According to Tribune reporter Robert Salonga, a waiter was hit by a hammer-like object while trying to stop a vandal from breaking a restaurant window. The victim was bleeding from the head but conscious, Salonga wrote.

Paramedics arrive to tend to waiter hit with hammer-like object by vandal outside Flora uptown Oakland @insidebay...— Robert Salonga (@robertsalonga) July 16, 2013

In Los Angeles, at least 13 protesters denouncing the George Zimmerman verdict were taken into custody Monday night after Los Angeles police declared an unlawful assembly in the Crenshaw District.

The police actions came after several hours of lawlessness along Crenshaw Boulevard and adjacent streets as groups of youths stomped on cars, assaulted bystanders, set fires and vandalized property, authorities said.

Protesters hurled several chunks of concrete at officers on Vernon Avenue, the Los Angeles Police Department said. No injuries were reported.


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