Mountain lion P-23 killed on Malibu Canyon Road


The Santa Monica Mountains cougar known as P-23 was found dead near Malibu Canyon Road recently, where she appears to have been struck by a vehicle, according to the National Park Service.

“We’ve been tracking P-23 since she was just a few weeks old and have documented her dispersal from her mom, establishment of a home range as an adult, and birth to three litters of kittens,” said Jeff Sikich, biologist for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

“Unfortunately, her life came to an end prematurely due to the challenge of navigating the complex road network in this area,” Sikich said.


The mountain lion was 5 ½ years old and had given birth to at least two offspring more than a year ago.

The activities of P-23, who is the 18th mountain lion known to have been killed on a freeway or road in the region, have been heavily documented by the National Park Service.

In 2013, she won internet fame when she was photographed on top of a deer on Mulholland Highway.

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