Protesters slam Jimmy Kimmel over ‘kill everyone in China’ joke


More than 1,000 people picketed ABC’s headquarters in Burbank on Saturday to protest a Jimmy Kimmel segment that joked that the United States should “kill everyone in China.”

Burbank police said they responded to the protest in the 2300 block of Riverside Drive after some demonstrators went into a restricted area. However, police said the protest was peaceful and no one was arrested.

The protest was part of a nationwide move backed by Chinese American organizations against the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” recurring segment called “Kids’ Table.” Similar protests were planned for Saturday at other ABC locations.


In the Oct. 16 segment, Kimmel has a roundtable discussion with a group of children about the United States’ $1.3-trillion debt to China, according to Times Community News.

He asks them how the United States should repay its debt, which prompted one child to respond by saying “kill everyone in China.” Kimmel later engaged the children again with a debate about killing the Chinese people or allowing them to live.

ABC and Kimmel have since apologized for the segment.

Rocha writes for Times Community News.


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