Man pretending to be an ICE agent robbed workers, authorities say

Patrick Mullany was arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment and impersonating a police officer.
(El Dorado Sheriff’s Office)

A man pretending to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent robbed construction workers in El Dorado Hills in Central California this week, authorities said.

The victims said a similar situation with the same man occurred a week before at the subdivision construction site at Bass Lake Road, according to the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect, identified as Patrick Mullany of El Dorado Hills, is not an ICE agent or a member of law enforcement, authorities said. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Mullany identified himself as such before handcuffing the workers under threat of deportation and stealing their money for “court fees.”

A search warrant was issued for Mullany’s residence and vehicle. During the search, officials discovered two replica firearms, two sets of handcuffs and cash.


Mullany was arrested and booked into the county jail on suspicion of robbery, false imprisonment and impersonating a police officer.

The impersonation of a federal employee is punishable by fine or imprisonment.