Santa Monica Pier transforms into the ‘upside-down’ ahead of ‘Stranger Things’ premiere

The Santa Monica Pier will be transforming into a “Stranger Things"-themed carnival this weekend.

Demogorgons and other mythological beings are infesting Santa Monica Pier this weekend and visitors will be taken back in time to the 1980s for an eerie “Stranger Things” beach experience.

Ahead of the premiere of the popular Netflix program’s third season, the Santa Monica Pier deck parking lot will be transformed into fictional Hawkins, Ind., the setting for the show, the streaming company said in a news release.

Keeping with the third season’s aesthetic, the “Fun Fair” will have carnival attractions complete with ’80s-style music, games and snacks. Hawkins High School cheerleaders and cover bands will provide entertainment.

“Guests can start their day with a carnival game, or head to the ’80s glam Flash Studio photo booth before cooling off with some ice cream from the Scoops Ahoy truck,” Netflix said.


The pier also will have a Hawkins Bike Shop, where fans will be able to hop on Schwinn bicycles like the ones the “Stranger Things” kids ride.

Later in the evening, the iconic Pacific Wheel will become the Hawkins Wheel — an attraction that makes an appearance in the series — with “in-show elements.”

Fans have June 29 and 30 to experience the “upside-down” before things return to normal by the Fourth of July holiday, when the show premieres.

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