A battle at twilight

It was a battle between North and South that happened in the West.

The Blue and the Gray returned to Moorpark last weekend as the largest annual Civil War battle reenactment on the West Coast, welcoming participants and spectators. Karl Klingebiel headed to the reenactment Saturday to catch the final battle of the day at twilight, hoping to photograph the blazing cannons against the dim sky.

To his dismay, smoke quickly invaded the scene and left the cannons invisible. So he turned around to observe the soldiers in battle. As he watched the battle evolve, he focused on making images that the smoke would complement, not invade.

"I liked how this moment showed a nice separation between the Confederate soldiers pausing between volleys, and the Union soldiers in the distance," Klingebiel said.

Klingebiel made the image using a Canon 6D with a 70-200mm f4L lens mounted on a tripod.

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