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  • A quirky coming-of-age novel invokes 'Catcher in the Rye'

    In JONATHAN EVISON'S quirky debut novel "All About Lulu," the first thing Will Miller does is warn the reader: "I'm going to give you all the Copperfield crap, and I'm not going to apologize for any of it." It's a spunky move, both alluding to and rejecting Holden Caulfield's opening line from...

  • Salinger, Pynchon & Co.: When writers are recluses

    When writers are reclusive, fans have only the words on the page to interpret. That may be their intent, but the seclusion can speak volumes.

  • J.D. Salinger slept here

    Namesake writing scholarship comes with author's former digs.

  • Handling mail for J.D. Salinger is an eye-opener

    Every culture has its central rite of passage--a pilgrimage, a quest, a time of testing. For Americans and their cultural fellow travelers, the defining experience is adolescent alienation. What better preparation, after all, for life in a society where the worship of autonomy has turned individualism...

  • To J.D. Salinger, With Love, Gratitude and Frustration

    "J.D. Salinger is about as likely to discuss his writing craft on national television as he is to respond to any of the letters in this book," admits Will Hochman in "Letters to J.D. Salinger," a book he co-edited with Chris Kubica collecting epistolary thoughts composed to Salinger by readers,...

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