Jack Klugman | 1973
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Jack Klugman | 1922-2012

Jack Klugman | 1973
Mary Tyler Moore and Jack Klugman hold the Emmys they won in 1973 for best actress and actor in a comedy series. Moore won for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and Klugman for “The Odd Couple.” (David F. Smith / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 1975
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman in a stage production of “The Odd Couple” at L.A.'s Shubert Theater in 1975. (Los Angeles Times / UCLA Collection)
Jack Klugman | 1978
Actors Don Ameche and Ann Blyth guest star with Jack Klugman on “Quincy.” (Nick Ut / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 1981
Jack Klugman testifies before a congressional subcommittee on drug reform.. (John Duricka / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 1987
Jack Klugman stars on Broadway in “I’m Not Rappoport.”  (Suzanne Vlamis / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 1993
In TV Guide’s 1999 listing of ¿TV’s Fifty Greatest Characters Ever,¿ Felix Unger and Oscar Madison ranked No. 12.  (Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 1998
Jack Klugman and Nancy Linehan Charles as Willy Loman and Linda Loman in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” in 1998. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Jack Klugman | 1998
Klugman, a heavy smoker, underwent surgery for cancer of the larynx in which the center of his right vocal cord was removed. Afterward, the actor famous for his raspy growl initially was unable to speak above a whisper.  (Los Angeles Times)
Jack Klugman | 2002
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman arrive at NBC’s 75th anniversary celebration at New York’s Rockefeller Center. (Ron Frehm / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 2004
Granville Van Dusen, Jack Klugman, Paul Dooley and Charles Durning appear in the Falcon Theatre’s production of “Golf With Alan Shepard.”  (Wesley Horton / Falcon Theatre)
Jack Klugman | 2004
Actor Jack Klugman, left, and Peggy Crosby, right, arrive for a special reception for director Blake Edwards, who was to receive an honorary Oscar at the 76th Academy Awards ceremony. Klugman starred in Edwards’ “Days of Wine and Roses.”  (Rene Macura / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 2004
Jack Klugman, left, and Garry Marshall pose beside a drawing of Tony Randall at Sardi’s restaurant in New York as part of a tribute to Tony Randall.  (Tina Fineberg / Associated Press)
Jack Klugman | 2007
Liz Larsen and Jack Klugman in a production of the play “The Value of Names” in 2007. (Wesley Horton / Falcon Theatre)
Jack Klugman | 2008
Jack Klugman arrives at the 62nd annual Tony Awards in New York in 2008. Klugman was the last surviving member of the cast that played the jury in ¿12 Angry Men,¿ the classic 1957 movie drama about deliberations in a first-degree murder trial.  (Peter Kramer / Associated Press)