Joan Fontaine
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Joan Fontaine | 1917 - 2013

Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine in “Rebecca,” 1940.  ()
Gary Cooper, Oscar-winning actor winning for “Sergeant York,” escorts Joan Fontaine, Oscar winner for “Suspicion,” from the Biltmore Hotel banquet room as cameramen swarm in 1942. ( Los Angeles Times)
“The Constant Nymph,” 1943, starring Charles Boyer, left, Joan Fontaine, Peter Lorre and Alexis Smith.  (Warner Bros.)
Joan Fontaine and Charles Boyer in “The Constant Nymph,” 1943. (Warner Bros.)
Joan Fontaine, between Private Lamberos S. Hajizomeni, left, and Sgt. Carmelo Musumeci, takes the oath of citizenship on April 23, 1943. (Charles Strite)
Joan Fontaine in “Letter from an Unknown Woman,” 1948. (LACMA)