Andrea True dies at 68; porn star turned disco singer

Andrea True, a porn star turned pop singer who recorded a classic hit of the disco era, “More, More, More,” died Nov. 7 at a hospital in Kingston, N.Y. She was 68.

The Gilpatric-VanVliet funeral home in Kingston announced her death but did not release a cause. She lived in Woodstock, N.Y.

Born Andrea Marie Truden on July 26, 1943, in Nashville, she moved to New York in 1968 to study acting. She shortened her last name to “True” to spare her family embarrassment when she began appearing in pornographic films in the early 1970s, she told The Times in 1976.


“I had nothing better to do,” True said in the interview, which carried the headline: “Porno’s Loss Is Disco’s Gain.”

“I had been turned down by an agent for a record deal and I was tired of working as an extra in pictures,” she said. “Some of my friends asked me to join them in a porno film. I figured I could learn about films and acting that way, so I did it.”

But she recalled struggling with her choice: “For one thing, how do you go home and say, ‘Mom, I’m in porno movies’?”

She made about 40 such films in the 1970s and became a star of the genre. In 1974, she appeared in six movies, including “Deep Throat Part II” and “Lady on the Couch.”

Her music career began in 1975 when she filmed a commercial in Jamaica and was not allowed to leave the country with her earnings. She stayed and spent her money to finish a recording of “More, More, More,” an instrument-heavy track credited to the Andrea True Connection.

Remixed and released in 1976, the record turned into “one of the iconic songs of the disco era,” Rolling Stone magazine reported.

The sensual hit reached the No. 4 spot on the pop charts, according to the All Music Internet database.

The single has been widely licensed for use in movies and commercials and sampled in many songs, including the 1999 single “Steal My Sunshine” by Canadian alternative rock group Len.

She also had hits with such singles as “What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number?,” “Party Line” and “N.Y. You Got Me Dancing.”

Her first album, also called “More, More, More,” was followed by another, “White Witch.” The sophomore effort largely failed to match True’s earlier success, and her recording career was essentially over, according to All Music.

Still, there would be no going back to porn.

“I would be a waitress or a typist before I’d star in another” adult film, True told The Times in 1976.

“Now I just want to record and perform. Don’t look at me as a porno star anymore,” she said. “Look at me as a recording star.”

Information on survivors was not released.