Jules Dassin
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Jules Dassin | 1911 - 2008

Jules Dassin, an acclaimed master of film noir, died Monday in Athens at age 96. The blacklisted American filmmaker, shown in 1969, made such classics as “Brute Force,” “The Naked City,” “Rififi” and “Never on Sunday.” (AFP/Getty Images)
Jules Dassin, seen in an undated portrait, couldn’t find work in the United States after two fellow directors identified him as a member of the Hollywood “Communist faction.” (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
The director with Gina Lollobrigida on location filming “The Law” in 1958. (AFP/Getty Images)
Dassin with his wife, Greek actress Melina Mercouri, in 1966. “Never on Sunday” (1960) brought her international fame and an Academy Award nomination; he was nominated as well for his direction and screenplay. (AFP/Getty Images)