German theater director Peter Zadek was considered an expert on the plays of Shakespeare.
(Manoocher Deghati / AFP/Getty Images)

Peter Zadek

German theater director

Peter Zadek, 83, a German theater director considered an expert on the plays of Shakespeare, died Wednesday in Hamburg after a long illness, according to the city’s St. Pauli Theater.

“We are mourning a friend and one of the greatest directors of the German theater,” Ulrich Waller, director of the St. Pauli Theater, said in a statement.

Among Zadek’s most famous productions were “Othello” in 1976 at Hamburg’s Schauspielhaus and a 1984 staging of “Ghetto” by Joshua Sobol in Hamburg and Berlin.

He recently staged an acclaimed production of George Bernard Shaw’s “Major Barbara” in Zurich.

Born to Jewish parents in Berlin on May 19, 1926, Zadek immigrated with his family to Britain in 1933.

He returned to work in Germany in 1958.

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