Charlton Heston
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Charlton Heston | 1923-2008

GREAT MEN: In a 1995 interview covering his film career and political activism, Charlton Heston said: “The egalitarian world view now considered politically correct makes us uneasy with the idea that one individual is better than the rest of us. But having played several great men, I can tell you that they are better than we are ....”  (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)
EPIC: Heston as Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 epic, “The Ten Commandments.” (American Cinematheque)
“TOUCH OF EVIL”: Heston played a Mexican drug agent involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse with corrupt U.S. lawman Orson Welles in the 1958 film.  (October Films)
HIGH SPEED: In the 1959 movie “Ben-Hur,” Heston drives his chariot toward the finish line to cap off one of cinema’s legendary action sequences. The rugged actor won an Oscar for the performance. (Associated Press)
CHARIOT RACER: Heston in a still from “Ben-Hur.” In a 1965 interview, the actor said: “I don’t seem to fit really into the 20th century.” (MGM via EPA)
RIDING HIGH: In the 1964 film “Major Dundee,” directed by Sam Peckinpah, Heston plays the title character, a cavalry officer.  (LACMA)
TIME TRAVELER: Heston gets some rough treatment from a guard in the 1968 classic “Planet of the Apes.” (20th Century Fox)
‘PLANET OF THE APES’: Heston with Linda Harrison in the 1968 sci-fi film. Both also appeared in the 1970 sequel, “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” (Associated Press)
DISASTER FILM: Heston with Ava Gardner in “Earthquake” (1974), directed by Mark Robson.  (Performing Arts Special Collections, UCLA)
STRIKE: Walking the picket line, Heston waves to fans outside Paramount Studios in Hollywood during the Screen Actors Guild strike in August 1980. (Lennox McLendon / Associated Press)
ACTIVIST: Heston addresses gun owners as president of the National Rifle Assn. at a 2002 rally in Manchester, N.H. (Jim Cole / Associated Press)
HONOR: At the White House in July 2003, Heston receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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