Kamala Harris bio

About U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris:

• Party: Democrat

• Occupation: California attorney general

• Age: 50, born in Oakland

• Residence: San Francisco and Los Angeles

• Personal: Married to Douglas Emhoff

• Education: Bachelor’s degree, Howard University; J.D., UC Hastings College of Law

• Career highlights: Alameda County deputy district attorney, 1990-1998; chief of career criminal unit at San Francisco district attorney’s office, 1998-2000; chief of Division on Children and Families, San Francisco city attorney’s office, 2000-2003; San Francisco district attorney, 2004-2010; California attorney general, 2011 to present.

• Platform: Increase federal minimum wage; path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally; end federal ban on medical marijuana; protect abortion rights; reduce prison sentences for low-level drug crimes, shift funding to crime prevention and prison alternatives.


Source: Times reporting