Los Angeles Times National and California Exit Polls - November 2004

National and California Exit Polls - The Story Behind The Vote
The Los Angeles Times Poll interviewed 5,154 voters who cast ballots in the general election Tuesday November 2 as they exited 136 polling places across the nation including 3,357 California voters as they exited 50 polling places across the state. Precincts were chosen based on the pattern of turnout in past general elections. The survey was a self-administered, confidential questionnaire, in English and in Spanish. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points for all voters, including California voters. For some subgroups, the error margin may be somewhat higher. Fieldwork provided by Schlesinger Associates of Edison, New Jersey and Davis Research of Calabasas, California.

Quick links to Data Tables and graphics:
Data Tables - Press Release - pdf
National exit poll “Superchart” - pdf
California exit poll “Superchart” - pdf