New Hampshire exit poll

Los Angeles Times

Support among female voters was an important part of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s victory Tuesday in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, according to exit poll data. In the Republican primary, independent voters helped carry Sen. John McCain to a win.

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Percentages may not add up to 100% when all categories or candidates are not shown. Numbers based on preliminary estimates.


How the poll was conducted: The exit poll was conducted at 50 polling places among 1,955 Democratic primary voters and 1,520 Republican primary voters. The polling places are a stratified probability sample of New Hampshire. Interviewers approached voters as they exited their polling places. Approximately 120 primary voters completed a questionnaire at each polling place. The exact number of primary voters interviewed depends on voter turnout and their cooperation.

Source: National Election Pool Exit Poll, conducted by Edison/Mitofsky. National Election Pool members are ABC, the Associated Press, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC