Petrosian Fischer
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Bobby Fischer | 1943-2008

Bobby Fischer, then a 15-year-old prodigy, plays a practice game against Russian grand master Tigran Petrosian at Moscow’s Central Chess Club in 1958. (Roy Essoyan / Associated Press)
Fischer ponders his next move as challenger Samuel Reshevsky paces during the 1963 U.S. championship. (Associated Press)
Fischer in 1971. (Associated Press)
Fischer in New York in 1962. (Associated Press)
Fischer, right, and Soviet Tigran Petrosian during a match in Argentina in 1971. (AFP/Getty Images)
Fischer concentrates during a match.

FOR THE RECORD A previous version of this caption said Bobby Fischer is shown during a 1973 match. In fact, Fischer didn’t compete between 1973 and 1992. The date of the file photo is uncertain. (AFP/Getty Images)
Fischer speaks to reporters during a press conference before his 1992 rematch with Russia’s Boris Spassky. (AFP)
Bobby Fischer, right, and Boris Spassky compete in Reykjavik, Iceland, in August 1972. (J.W. Green / Associated Press)
Fischer after his release in 2005 after being held nine months by Japanese immigration authorities. (Everett Kennedy Brown / EPA)
Fischer in Reykjavik in 2005. (John McConnico / Associated Press)