Space shuttle Endeavour
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Final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour

Space shuttle Endeavour
Space shuttle Endeavour is rolled out from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Fla.
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Space shuttle Endeavour
Endeavour lifts off from Kennedy Space Center. Cmdr. Mark Kelly is leading a crew of six on the shuttle’s planned final mission to deliver the $2-billion dollar Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and other supplies to the International Space Station.
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Space shuttle Endeavour
Endeavour cuts through the clouds from the vantage point of a shuttle training aircraft.
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A partial view of the space shuttle Endeavour.
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Space shuttle Endeavour
The space shuttle Endeavour is docked at the International Space Station. The shuttle will streak across the California coastline at hypersonic velocity for the last time on Wednesday.
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Space shuttle Endeavor
The space shuttle Endeavor, mounted on the back of a 747 aircraft, awaits its return flight to Florida from California’s Edwards Air Force Base in 1995.
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Aerospace Museum in Exposition Park
Endeavour will be displayed at the Aerospace Museum in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park after its final flight and an extensive decommissioning process are completed.
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