Before and after images of destruction from Hurricane Michael in Florida’s Panhandle

Aerial image shows damage to homes from Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fla.
(James E Wyatt / EPA/Rex-Shutterstock)

At least 11 deaths were blamed on Michael, the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental U.S. in over 50 years, and by early Friday it wasn't over yet: a tropical storm long after Wednesday's landfall, Michael stubbornly kept up its punch while barreling up the Southeast, dumping heavy rain and spreading flash-flooding misery as far away as Virginia.

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Before and after aerial views of the Long Point Park area of Panama City, Fla.. (©2018 DigitalGlobe)
Before and after images of the Ivy Road Estates neighborhood in Panama City show trees blown away and homes heavily damaged. (©2018 DigitalGlobe)
Several buildings at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Fla., were literally blown away by Michael. (©2018 DigitalGlobe)