Videos capture moments of terror as gunfire rings out at Las Vegas concert

Chilling videos are emerging from the scene after deadly gunfire rained down on the three-day Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The festival was coming to a close and Jason Aldean was performing when the shooting started, and concertgoers reported a bursts of weapons fire that lasted for more than a half a minute. People sought cover and others ran for the exits. Some witnesses saw victims scattered around the venue across Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay hotel, where police said the shooter was located.


“Get down, stay down,” one woman shouted. “Let’s go,” a second voice said. Another wave of gunshots followed soon after.

Seth Bayles, of West Hollywood, said Aldean had been performing for about 20 minutes when he heard shots.

“I thought it was like bottle rockets going off,” Bayles said. “Then we saw people dropping. We saw someone get hit and then we started running.”

Bayles said he was probably 50 feet from the stage when he heard the shots. “We saw people down all over the place.”


Bayles said Aldean was quickly pulled off stage and that soon after the band was removed as well.

Two men near the Mandalay Bay said they heard a helicopter and that someone aboard with a bullhorn was yelling “Go! Go! Go!” as the incident unfolded. Others said they saw police and SWAT teams streaming into the Mandalay Bay.

Police reported that the suspected gunman was killed in a clash with officers in his hotel room.


Las Vegas shooting

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