Shocking ‘Body Evolution’ video is a lesson in Photoshop

It’s no secret that Photoshop plays tricks on our eyes -- and bodies -- by making the the beautiful even more so by slimming curves and smoothing lines.

The viral “Body Evolution” video, which was uploaded by Global Democracy in 2011, has recently resurfaced on social media with a vengeance and shows just how far Photoshop can go.

In the 70-second clip, an attractive blond woman is transformed into a mannequin-esque version of herself, first with hair and make up and then a full-body Photoshop session.


The women’s legs are lengthened, breasts lifted and eyes widened before an all-over glow is added to each inch of her skin and shrunken behind.

Altering famous faces and bodies has become the industry standard, with stars from Beyonce and Melissa McCarthy undergoing digital nip and tucks for advertisements.

It’s unclear whether “Body Evolution” is a behind-the-scenes look a photo shoots or just a hypothetical.

The video comes with a plug for a proposal to encourage mandatory disclaimers attached to advertisements that manipulate bodies.

So tell us, would you like these types of disclaimers slapped on ads? And just what qualifies as “body manipulation”?