Brian Griffin is alive, well and the Most Powerful Dog of 2013

The resurrection of Brian Griffin has thrilled fans of “Family Guy.” Or irritated them. Or perhaps they’re simply blase. Brian’s death in “Life of Brian,” the sixth episode of Season 12, didn’t go over well, and many were very likely unsurprised to see the animated pooch pop up again.

In the “Christmas Guy” episode, Brian was saved by Stewie and a time machine.

The death-and-life of Brian Griffin showed just how popular the character was. Now, Brian has been saluted by DogTV as No. 1 on its list of the World’s Most Powerful Dogs 2013.

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DogTV is “a television network created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs, while their owners are away,” spokeswoman Sophia Hatef told the L.A. Times.


The viewers of DogTV might not appreciate the Fox comedy and its anthropomorphic pet. But the humans behind DogTV do. “This is just DogTV’s salute to great dogs,” Hatef said.

What made Brian special? DogTV says:

“While Oprah might top the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities list, she’s no match for 2013’s No. 1 dog -- Brian Griffin. ‘Family Guy’ fans everywhere were shocked about the untimely demise of the Griffin family’s beloved dog, Brian. He might be headed for retirement, but his TV death led the way to the show’s best ratings of the year the following week (2.6 million viewers).”

Criteria for inclusion on the list included the dog’s on-air screen time and the show’s ratings, but primarily whether the dog was featured in the news this year.

Here are the nine runners-up:

2) Baxter, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” -- The border terrier costars with Will Ferrell.

3) Stella, “Modern Family” -- Stella entertains more than 4.6 million viewers each week, DogTV notes.

4) Wilfred, “Wilfred” -- 2 million viewers a week.

5) Giggy, “Vanderpump Rules” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” -- arguably the best-accessorized Pomeranian ever.

6) Jewel, winner of the National Dog Show 2013 -- The foxhound took home best in show, beating more than 1,500 dogs.

7) Walle, World’s Ugliest Dog 2013 -- a beagle, boxer, basset hound.

8) Isis, “Downton Abbey” -- the Earl of Grantham’s beloved Labrador.

9) Boomer, Google Nexus 7 commercial -- the ailing dog and the college kid.

10) Snoop Dogg -- I don’t make this stuff up.

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