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INFOGRAPHIC: Cyber Monday 2013 was huge

Cyber Monday 2013 broke records. It was the biggest online spending day ever. Cyber Monday left Black Friday in the dust.

Take that, lackluster shopping weekend!

Retailers’ performance, indeed, was blah overall during the four-day holiday shopping period, Tiffany Hsu reports. In-store sales were up just 1% over last year. Electronics retailers saw a 6.5% decline.  But Cyber Monday was a sunny spot amid the meh.

Digital data firm ComScore reported an 18% improvement over 2012 in shopping by desktop/mobile device on Monday for a total of $1.74 billion in sales.


Check out the Statista infographic below for the results that warmed online retailers’ hearts across the nation.

A new Statista chart shows a Cyber Monday retail record in 2013.
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