Happy 10th birthday, Facebook: Like or dislike, you changed my life


Happy birthday, Facebook. You’re turning 10 today, but I still remember when you were just a baby. When I could only be a part of the site with my .edu email address — and I couldn’t even connect with my friends back home because their colleges didn’t have access yet.

Remember when you made all our status updates start with “is”? Oh, and that time you had “the” in your name. Everyone balked pretty much every time you changed your look, but most of us stayed despite our threats to go.

Now so much has changed, my father is in the habit of “dadding up” my Facebook wall by liking and commenting on almost everything I post. Some say this means that you’re not cool with the kids anymore, but you say that’s OK.


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I often find it weird to think about the times before you were around — how different all our lives were. I’ve watched you grow up, and no matter what I think of you, I know that my personal and professional lives would be very different if you didn’t exist.

What do you have to say to Facebook on its 10th birthday? Tell me about it on (where else?) Facebook.


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