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‘Family Guy’ kills Brian. Fans ask why. <I>WHYYYY?!</I>

Seth MacFarlane’s animated hit “Family Guy” could be considered one of the silliest shows on television. 

One word you don’t often hear associated with the Fox hit: poignant. 

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Sunday’s episode was just that, as the Griffin family said goodbye to one of its own. Please note, massive spoiler ahead. 


Last night, the Griffins said goodbye to their beloved dog, Brian (voiced by the show’s creator), who has been with them since the pilot premiere in 1999.  To cope with the loss, the family immediately replaces Brian with a new dog named Vinny. 

“The Simpsons,” that stalwart of adult-angled animation now in its 25th season, also will be killing off a major character, according to its executive producer. 

“I’ll give a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character, but I won’t say who it is,” Al Jean said in October. 

They might want to check out the reaction to the death of Brian among fans.  


Brian’s death upset plenty of viewers. Check out a few of the social media reactions we found from last night’s episode: 

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