British woman ropes in her horse as a bridesmaid

Kristen Wiig, left, and Rose Byrne in the movie "Bridesmaids," which included no horses.
(Suzanne Hanover / Universal Studios)

“Bridesmaids” had a lot of wild wedding moments, but even that raucous comedy didn’t go where one British bride just did: She enlisted her horse to be one of her two bridesmaids.

Wearing a purple bridle to match groom Graham Sales’ tie, 17-year-old Toffee was one of two ladies bride Alex Wells called upon to serve on her special day, the Daily Mail reported Monday. And yes, the other bridesmaid, Lianna Bourne, was in purple as well — sans bridle, of course. Because that would be weird.

“Toffee is part of the family and is so important to me, I even asked her permission to get married,” said the newly minted Mrs. Sales, 28, who has counted the thoroughbred as part of her family for 13 years.

But is there already a third wheel in this relationship? Turns out it might be Graham. “Alex goes to see Toffee twice a day and will spend weekends with her, so I am always competing with her for attention,” he told the paper.


Toffee, who wasn’t allowed in the church, waited in the courtyard outside until it was time to pose for pictures with the wedding party.

Let’s hope that when the wedding album arrives, there are more pics of the groom than there are of the horse.


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