How a two-legged dog and a chicken became BFFs [Video]

A two-legged dog and a chicken who are BFFs in Duluth, Ga., have become worldwide Internet sensations.

(And living proof that we humans need to do a better job of getting over ourselves and burying our differences.)

Here’s how this unlikely pair became best friends, according to Barbara Jennings, the receptionist at Duluth Animal Hospital, where the pair rule the roost:

PHOTOS: How Roo and Penny spend their days...

The dog is a Chihuahua who was born without front legs. He was found abandoned one year ago on Christmas Day, buried beneath some leaves. A Good Samaritan found the dog and brought him to the animal hospital. He was named Roo, as in kangaroo. “He hops around really well,” Jennings told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday. He also uses a type of makeshift wheelchair to get around.


The chicken is a breed called a silky chicken and is probably the fanciest chicken you ever did see. It was being given up after experiments at a local veterinary school, Jennings said, and was also taken in by the Duluth Animal Hospital. She was named Penny.

And when Roo met Penny, it was love at first sight.

“They spend most of their waking hours just walking around here,” Jennings said. (They officially “belong” to a woman who works at the Duluth Animal Hospital. They live with her, and she brings them to work most days.)

No surprise, Roo and Penny are quite popular around Duluth. “People come in here who aren’t even clients, just to see them,” Jennings said.

And now, Roo and Penny are world-famous, thanks in part to the hospital’s Facebook page, which often includes posts and videos about the pair.

“It just really caught on. It’s amazing,” Jennings said.

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