See First Lady Michelle Obama’s new look: Blond highlights

First Lady Michelle Obama has a new look: Blond highlights.

The White House fashion icon proves once again that she’s not afraid to experiment. (Remember those short-lived bangs?) Obama unveiled the new look this week, taking it out for a spin during a variety of first lady duties on the East Coast.

If you are rolling your eyes right now, wondering whether this is news, we invite you to move on to the next story and leave the rest of us to dissect the first lady’s new ‘do.

PHOTOS: Let’s break down First Lady Michelle Obama’s highlights


It seems like Obama’s hair style stayed the same -- sweeping waves and a part worn down the middle or slightly off center.

But the color has clearly changed.

That said, it’s hard to tell precisely what the first lady had done. (The photographers trailing the first lady could have done a better job of honing in on the lightened locks, but apparently they were too busy covering the actual news of the day. Tsk, tsk.)

If you look at the photos above, it looks like the first lady might have undergone two transformations. Earlier in the week, it appeared that Obama underwent an overall lightening that was more honey in hue.

But by Wednesday, it seemed like the gently highlighted strands that frame her face were decidedly blonder.

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