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New York to be 21st state to OK medical marijuana

Medical marijuana laws nationwide
New York may be the next state to allow medical marijuana.
(Raoul Ranoa / Los Angeles Times)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has loosened up on medical marijuana. An executive order on Wednesday by Cuomo, a longtime opponent of legalizing pot for medicinal purposes, is set to legalize medical marijuana. But it’s restrictive.

It will still be illegal in New York to grow marijuana or import specialized plants from outside the state, Reuters reports. The number of hospitals authorized to dispense marijuana will be limited, and its use will be restricted to certain diseases, such as cancer and glaucoma, the news outlet says.

In other words, this is no Colorado. On Jan. 1, that state began selling recreational pot. And smokers rejoiced.

Check out our graphic above, which shows the states that allow medical marijuana -- New York is set to become the 21st state, plus the District of Columbia. Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational pot too, although Washington officials have said it will be later this year before the state is ready to open stores.


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