Pope Francis drops ‘F-bomb’ during Vatican blessing

Pope Francis delivered his weekly blessing -- and a slip of the tongue -- from the window of his Vatican apartment Sunday.

Pope Francis may have to go to confession after witnesses say he accidentally dropped the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb during his weekly blessing from the Vatican.

The Argentine pope was delivering his blessing in Italian on Sunday when it happened: He was supposedly intending to use the word “caso,” but pronounced in way that made it sound like, well, you know, in Italian.

It’s a common mistake, made especially by those who are not native Italian speakers. But that didn’t stop the incident from going viral.

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Usually, Pope Francis is making headlines for being the chillest, coolest, most relatable pope in history. (According to at least one survey, the pope is more popular than the Catholic Church itself.)

In this instance, he was using his weekly blessing to talk about the crisis in the Ukraine, according to The Daily Mail.

He was trying to say “In this case,” and was reaching for the word “caso,” when his slip of the tongue led him to say the other word.

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According to the Mail, many of those in attendance began looking around, wondering if they’d heard correctly. Also according to the Mail, the Vatican declined to comment on the incident. You can find video many places online, but be warned that you are running into salty language along the way.

If history is any indication, the incident is only likely to add to the aura of Pope Francis as the people’s pope.

He has gained countless fans in part by his ability to speak to -- and not down to -- his flock.

And then there’s the fact that he nails it on Twitter, where he boasts more than 3.73 million followers.


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