Pope Francis caped crusader? Pope may be sneaking out to do good deeds


Pope Francis, well-known do-gooder, may be doing even more good under a secret guise. Super Pope.

No, he’s not really a superhero, although his fans -- Catholic and non-Catholic among them -- find much to admire. But the pope may be dressing as a regular ol’ priest at night to sneak out of the Vatican with a sidekick to mingle with the poor -- giving them money or just hanging out to let them know he’s there for them.

When he was an archbishop, his nighttime visits to the poor, the elderly and the sick of Buenos Aires were documented. He would sit on the street and eat with the homeless, the Associated Press reports. When he became pope, the Vatican almoner was the one who was supposed to be handing out the alms. (Alms are money or food for the poor, and the almoner is the official distributor thereof).


Every day, almoner Konrad Krajewski is expected to seek out the poor and the hurting, at Francis’ directive, he told the AP. But apparently the pope isn’t content to let him do all the work. What’s Robin without Batman?

The Huffington Post quotes “a knowledgeable source in Rome” as confirming the rumor that Francis goes out at night dressed as a regular ol’ priest to minister to the needy.

Krajewski isn’t fessing up. Asked point-blank whether the pope takes after-dark incognito trips into the city, he smiles and says “next question,” according to uCatholic.

Meanwhile, not everyone is a fan of the pope. Rush Limbaugh has compared him to Karl Marx because of criticisms of capitalism contained in “The Joy of Gospel,” a document recently released by Francis.

“This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope.”

There’s one guy who probably has never done anything quietly.

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