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Rob Ford caught in expletive-filled video threatening ‘murder’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is learning that a bad situation can always get worse.  Video has emerged that shows him angry and out of breath, ranting about killing someone.

“It’s first-degree murder!”

“No holds barred.”

“He dies or I die.”


“I’ll rip his ... throat out.”

The Toronto Star has the video (caution: there’s a lot of profanity), possibly taken with a cellphone.

The release of the footage by the news outlet spurred another apology from Ford -- who recently admitted to and apologized for having smoked crack cocaine.  He calls the video “extremely embarrassing” and says he was “extremely inebriated” at the time.

Local news said the video was likely recorded in February or March.


Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?  Ford has said he won’t resign, and there are no recall elections in Canada as there are in the United States. But, as Reuters reports, Toronto’s City Council may vote next week to ask the provincial government to remove Ford from his job.


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