Internet heats up over Komen’s Planned Parenthood decision


The recent announcement from Susan G. Komen for the Cure to cut funds to Planned Parenthood has prompted lively discussions on public message boards, Twitter and Facebook arguing both for and against the decision.

Though anti-Komen sentiments still seem to be the majority, vocal supporters of the decision seemed to be gaining numbers Wednesday. In a story a day earlier, it was reported that Komen, a breast cancer awareness and research group, was cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer exams and other breast-health programs. The group said its decision was based on a new rule that doesn’t allow support of organizations that are under government investigation.

But detractors are crying foul, saying Komen’s position is purely political.

On Twitter, @rick_vosper said, “#Komen’s position is perilously close to ‘women who visit #PPlandParenthood might get abortions, so they don’t deserve cancer screening.’ ”


Said @SassyEditrix: I’m really tired of living in a country where providing comprehensive women’s healthcare is treated like a crime.”

“Let’s say it like it is,” said @legaleagle. “#Komen didn’t ‘cave’ to the right wing. They are part of it.” Wrote @Dcdebbie: “Pink is the new wire hanger.”

Americans United for Life, a national anti-abortion organization, tweeted this in support of Komen: “Please RT if you want to thank @komenforthecure for dropping funding to Planned Parenthood!”

And @tomf80 said, “@komenforthecure Thank you for ending the support for abortionist Planned Parenthood. Your decision will save many live(s).”

On the public forums on the Komen site, men and women were still voicing their strong feelings a day after the news was released. On the Sound Off! board, Amapolla wrote, “I withdraw all support from your organization. Your decision not to support Planned Parenthood is a decision not to help women in need. Anyone who agrees with your decision should look beyond the name and go to the services Planned Parenthood provides. I urge you to reconsider. I applaud the people who are voicing their displeasure both in written and in monetary form.”

“I, too, will no longer support SGK,” said Jennifer Rose. “It is a sad day when politics overshadows the need of women to get the help and access to doctors that they need.”


Among those who applauded Komen’s decision was klm, who wrote, “Thank you for severing ties with Planned Parenting. I am now willing to offer my financial support of your organization.” Said God_is_Good, “There are many people who SUPPORT you in this decision. Those of us who have lost a loved one to cancer know the frailty of life. That is why I stand up and speak out AGAINST abortion and PP -- why I thank you and ask you to STAY STRONG in this decision. Let’s end ALL funding of Planned Parenthood by the end of 2012. Keep fighting.”

By Wednesday at noon Pacific time, Komen’s Facebook page had more than 3,000 comments to a post explaining its position to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. Among them was one from Molly Holder who wrote, “Well, there goes the ‘Think Pink’ and the Komen brand. No one with a brain is going to come back to you after this. Course, it appears that’s not the demographic you’re going for, I guess.”

Said Marie Bober, “Unexcusable to make this political. We want care for everyone, not excluding those who need care from Planned Parenthood because they have limited means.”

On the pro-Komen side, there was this from Kacie Cole: “Why are we even having this discussion. It appears that all the baby murder supporters have enough to support PP themselves. Since this seems to be the case, why are you guys so mad at SGK for pulling support. After all, the money they make will still be used for the same purpose. It just won’t go to fund abortions too. YAY SGK!”

“I have stayed away from the Susan G. Komen organization because of its connection to Planned Parenthood,” said Dawn Franzen. “Now I can fully support it. Thank you for taking this courageous stand for the total health of women. One cannot heal a woman if she is never allowed to live. Thank you!!”

We have a feeling this won’t go away anytime soon.