What to expect from Apple on Wednesday


After many months of waiting and speculating, we’re finally on the eve of what could be Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5.

But what exactly will the phone include? And is the iPhone 5 the only thing Apple will announce?

You can never be too sure with Apple, but here’s what we think you can expect from the tech giant on Wednesday in San Francisco.

iPhone 5


Expect Apple to announce the iPhone 5.

After disappointing people with the iPhone 4S last year, which was basically just a software update with some internal improvements, Apple will likely make a splash with the next iPhone.

Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

There’s a chance it won’t be called the iPhone 5, but that really doesn’t matter since this will likely be the biggest update to the device since the Cupertino company announced the iPhone 4 in 2010.

Reports have been saying that the phone will get a 4-inch screen, which would be the first time Apple expands the 3.5-inch screen that the first five generations of the phone have had. The new screen is expected to be longer but keep the same width as the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 may also be thinnest iPhone we’ve ever seen. That’s because Apple is believed to have used new screen technology that lets the company combine a couple of different layers into one, thus reducing size.

The next iPhone is also expected to be the first to get LTE connectivity, which would give the iPhone 5 faster cellular Internet speeds than previous generations.

Another big change to the phone will be on its dock connector. Apple is expected to change the size of the dock connector on the iPhone for the first time. The new part may be half as wide as the current dock connector.


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Apple is also expected to redesign the speaker and microphone grills on the bottom of the phone, move the front-facing camera above the earpiece and move the iPhone’s top mike from the top of the phone to between the back camera and LED flash. The back of the iPhone may also be metal, like a Mac, as opposed to glass, as they are now.

Expect the next iPhone to cost the same as the last couple of iPhones, with the base model starting at $200. Apple may also start pre-orders on Wednesday and is expected to schedule the phone’s in-store launch for Sept. 21.

New iPod Touch


Accompanying the iPhone will be its little brother the iPod Touch, which is also expected to get a refresh.

It’s less clear what exactly to expect for the iPod Touch, but it will likely also get the new, smaller dock connector. The Touch may also have its storage space increased and it could also get a longer screen just as the iPhone is expected to receive. Apple may also give the device a more powerful processor.

Nine to 5 Mac also speculates that Apple may begin selling the iPod Touch in more colors than black and white.

New iPod Nano


The iPod Nano may also get significant changes. Reports say there’s a chance the Nano will get Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some reports also say the Nano might get an external redesign. That would make sense considering Apple has redesigned the Nano numerous times and hasn’t done a significant redesign since 2010.

New iPod Shuffle

The littlest iPod, the Shuffle, may also get updated, although the changes will likely be minor. Nine to 5 Mac is reporting Apple may begin selling the Shuffle in eight different colors as opposed to five like it does now. Another guess is that the iPod Shuffle may get a bump in capacity.


What not to expect: the iPad mini

There have certainly been many rumors that Apple plans to come out with its own mini tablet, but don’t expect Apple to announce one this week.

The latest reports say Apple plans on holding a separate event early next month to announce the iPad mini.

Make sure to check with us Wednesday as we report the event live from San Francisco.



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