Freezing temperatures in Western states threaten crops


The cold snap that has brought unseasonably cold temperatures to California has engulfed several other Western states.

The National Weather Service has told residents in most of southern Arizona, including Tucson, to prepare for near-record cold Sunday morning. The NWS has issued a hard-freeze warning for the area effective late Saturday night until Tuesday morning.

Overnight temperatures could fall to the single digits in some areas. The NWS said the temperatures are expected to dip low enough to kill some vegetation and crops while creating dangerous conditions for residents and pets. Exposed water pipes will freeze, the agency said.


A freeze warning is also in effect until Tuesday morning for the greater Phoenix area with morning lows in the low 30s for the city, while outlying suburbs and rural areas should expect temperatures to dip into the low 20s.

NWS recommends residents bring their pets and sensitive plants indoors.

The cold weather -- stemming from a Canadian air mass -- descended on Southern California on Thursday.

New Mexico is also facing below-freezing temperatures, while the high in Albuquerque will be at or below freezing for the next three days. Albuquerque saw below-freezing temperatures Friday night.

In Colorado, the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens battled Saturday in a playoff game, the coldest home postseason game ever for the Broncos, the Associated Press reported. It was 13 degrees when the players ran on the field.

Much of southern Nevada will also be gripped by cold into Monday morning, as overnight temperatures may drop as low as 15 degrees.



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