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Video captures wild horse battling gator at Florida park

Visitors to a state park in Florida got a dramatic glimpse at untamed nature when a wild horse attacked an alligator.

Krystal Berry was one of several parkgoers who took video of the attack at Paynes Prairie State Park on Wednesday.

Berry tells Tampa’s WTVT-TV that she was part of a group who spotted the wild horses grazing alongside a path. She says the alligator came up beside the animals and stopped. (Warning: The video contains explicit language.)

Video she posted to Facebook shows one of the horses kicking the alligator, which then began to move.

The horse then doubled back and repeatedly kicked the reptile, nearly turning it over. The alligator appears to bite the horse before going on its way.

Berry writes on Facebook that there were "no clear signs of distress" when they left the area.


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