Florida Senate bill amended to include zombie apocalypse

If there were a zombie apocalypse in Florida, gun owners would be able to take their weapons with them as they ran screaming from the walking dead, even without a concealed weapons permit, if new legislation is passed.

Senate Bill 296 reportedly would give Florida gun owners the right to carry concealed weapons -- without the proper permit -- during a state of emergency. A hurricane, for instance.

Democratic Sen. Dwight Bullard, an opponent of the bill, imagined other dire straits when he filed this amendment to the bill late Tuesday: "An act relating to the zombie apocalypse."

It was Bullard's way of calling out this bill as "laughable." A crisis, he told the Huffington Post, is "the last instance in which you want someone who is not a concealed permit holder to carry a weapon."

Florida requires that applicants for the license "provide proof of proficiency with a firearm," meaning there's training involved, and a background check to boot.

On Thursday, the senator tweeted:

Bullard isn't the first government official to use zombies to make a point.

The Centers for Disease Control in 2011 came up with the "Zombie Pandemic" survival guide. Turns out the advice for surviving zombies resembles that for living through most disasters: Water, flashlight, extra batteries and cash, first aid kit. A gun, with or without concealed weapon permit, is not on this particular list.

Zombie Apocalypse Amendment by Dwight Bullard

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